Do you know your FZ FORZA racket? April 05 2013

FZ FORZA's graphite rackets can be divided into 3 lines


Titanium is a very light and rigid material which is used to build space shuttles among other things. The combination of graphite and titanium increases the racket's durability and gives the racket increased control. 

The titanium line is for those who want rigid rackets with increased control.



Kevlar is a very advanced material which combines great strength with light weight. The material is elastic and yet 5 times stronger than steel. Therefore Kevlar has a lot of uses and is used for bulletproof vests among other things.

When FZ FORZA uses Kevlar in combination with graphite in the rackets we can make light and extremely strong rackets with a lot of power.

In the Kevlar line a little extra weight has generally been placed in the frame of the rackets, giving extra power.



All shafts and racket frames in the N-Forze line have been developed to give extreme speed. They are strong and narrow, and the reduced air resistance ensure impact force through the increased, faster racket motion.

N-Forze is for those who focus on power through fast racket motion.

The shaft

The shaft determines the racket's qualities, and so the choice of shaft is very important in relation to getting complete benefit from your racket.

Players with good technique have good rotation in their lower arms which gives good impact force. If you rotate in your lower arm it is very easy for you to hit a shuttlecock to the baseline and you do not need further help from the racket.

Players with good technique play best with a rigid racket, and player with less rotation play best with a flexible shaft. Ti-9000VS is one of the most rigid racket created by FZ FORZA.

The flexible shaft gives a good flick which adds speed to the shuttlecock. But it takes a bit longer for the shaft to settle which is okay if it is a slow-paced game. Ti-9000 is the great example for the racket with flexible shaft and extra strong aerodynamic frame. The ultra-minimal torsion gives sublime control and extreme power. 

A rigid shaft is stable and gives better control of your hit. This is especially helpful in fast-paced games.

FZ FORZA's racket shafts can be divided into 5 categories:

  • Very flexible
  • Flexible
  • Medium
  • Stiff
  • Very stiff

Very flexible/flexible

In general a flexible shaft helps players who do not have good rotation in their arm. Here the shaft gives a good flick and thus helps increase the impact force. The shaft settles slower than the stiff shaft, but if the game is not played at a fast pace it does not have any significance. Players who have lost impact force can also benefit from a flexible shaft. 



A medium flexible shaft has a good balance between control and power. It is well-suited for most players and is generally the most widely used shaft for non-professional players.


Stiff/Very stiff

The player must have good rotation in the lower arm in order to use the rigid shaft. Then the stiff shaft will give optimum control and it will settle down very quickly after the hit, meaning the racket is ready very quickly even if it is a fast-paced game. With the proper technique a stiff shaft will also generate a lot if power.


The frame

The structure of the frame or racket head is important in relation to the force that has to be transferred to the shuttlecock from the rotation in the arm and the flexibility in the racket shaft. The less torsion in the frame - the more force will be transferred and the more control you have of your hit.

A head-light racket has the weight distributed in the shaft and grip. It requires that your technique is good and that you have rotation and impact force. You will feel that your racket is very easy to move.

A head-heavy racket primarily has its weight in the frame. It is best suited for a person who winds due to fit health/endurance more than due to technique. You may feel that your racket is a bit slow to move, but it gives you extra power when hitting.

A racket with an balance has the weight distributed evenly between head and shaft. You will feel more power when hitting, but the racket is a bit slower to move.


Below is a short description of the various frames which FZ FORZA uses.


Hectagon frame

FZ FORZA has developed a hectagon frame which is more narrow and stronger than usual. It gives reduced air resistance and less torsion, That means faster reactions, better control and more power than normal.


Wide body frame

Extra wide frame structure which makes the frame more rigid and more stable which translates into more shuttlecock control and increased impact force.


N-body frame

Regular frame width which has a perfect combination of rigidness and flexibility. A frame type which will suit all players as it has optimum balance between control, fast reactions and impact force.


Slim frame

Very thin and flexible frame with minimum air resistance. A frame type which is constructed for players who want fast reactions and hits.


Super power frame

FZ FORZA has developed the Super Power frame which can be combined with Wide body, N-body or slim frames. The Super Power frame has a special structure which means that the racket's sweet spot - the area with the optimal hit on the shuttlecocks - is increased by approximately 35%. This increases control considerably and also gives more power.


The string holes

FZ FORZA's racket frames are available with the traditional 76 holes and 88 holes, or FZ FORZA's own 96 holes.


76-hole frame
The traditional frame where strings are both vertical and horizontal in some tubes.


88-hole frame
The 88 holes in the frame entail that there is only vertical or horizontal string in each tubes and thus the racket is not pulled in 2 direction anywhere. That gives less stress on the frame and thereby a frame which can shaft being strung harder.


96-hole frame
FZ FORZA has developed a frame with 96 holes where the strings are very close - String Power System,
Tests show that it gives up to 30% more impact force. At the same time tests show that you can wait 3 times longer before needing to string your racket compared to a regular system. Besides extra power you can also save money by playing with FZ FORZA SPS-rackets.


The grip

The size of the grip is not insignificant either. Without a good grip it is impossible to hold on properly and you cannot use the advantages which the shaft and frame give to your game.

If the grip is too thin it is impossible to hold on properly and you may experience that the racket is moving around your hand. A thicker grip would solve that problem.

However, if the grip is too thick you cannot rotate the racket in your hand or use your technique in the best way possible. A thinner grip would solve  that problem.