adidas Switch Pro

$79.98 $179.95

The Switch Pro is a very innovative racket by adidas which is well suited for badminton players who like to experiment and modify the swing weight of the racket during a session.

The new patented Switch technology gives you the option of redefining your game. A simple click can change the weight of your racket and therefore the balance. Change your pace whether your are playing singles or doubles or simply looking for added strength. 

This racket allows players to change the weight and balance of their racket during the game. Whether it is singles, doubles, or simply practice, the Switch pro allows players to adjust the racket to accordingly.

  • 78 holes 20-25 lbs
  • Color Grey/Green
  • Cover full
  • Weight 85 +- 2g
  • Tension 20-25lbs / 9.0 - 11.0kg
  • Frame Pure Nano Carbon, Zylon Supre Fibre, X-Tra Titanium
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