N-Forze 10000 i-Power


N-Forze 10000 provides a fast and controlled swing with enhanced repulsion for players who force their opponents into the back of the court with extreme speed! This is a very impressive racket for fast play due to its slimline frame and narrow head it is lightning quick through the air. The I-Power system is also an added bonus for situations when a shot which is need with that little bit of extra power. With the I-power technology this racket also doesn't lack on power with other light racket tend to do, with full court clears being easy to achieve and smashes with a good amount of power if used in conjunction with a fast snappy action! Designed for players with a naturally quick swing, N-Forze 10000 I-Power is the ideal racket for players seeking faster movement and greater maneuverability on court. This racket can be strung up to 26 lbs!

  • Triple taper
  • 88 holes 26 lbs
  • Cover full
  • Weight 86 g
  • Balance 290 mm (M)
  • Flexibility Stiff (4/5)
  • Shaft 40 T CNT U-HM Graphite
  • Frame 40 T CNT U-HM Graphite, Super Slim Frame, Super Power
  • Power 9/10
  • Player Offensive

 INFO Top-racket from the Nano Forze line. The narrow frame and the i-Power technology give incredible speed and increased power.

Read the review from Badminton Thoughts about this racket!

What is I-Power?

I-Power is a brand new technology where the shaft has various diameters internally. The shaft is thickest at the bottom and thinner by the frame . That way the balance point is moved considerably further up on the shaft. 

The result is a racket which flexes more and faster. It gives an extra flick and thus extra power.

Suited for players who play with fast racket motion and players who are good at using their wrists when they play. 

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