FZ 65 X-Power badminton string

$9.99 $49.95

The 65 X-Power is the thinnest badminton string ever produced. The extremely thin string creates maximum repulsion. 25% less weight and 15% less diameter than competing strings offers lighter rackets, more speed and more power. The 65 X-Power has a new, strong multifilament core which reduces both elongation and diameter and increases strength for more durability. It also provide players with improved tension holding and provides a firm string bed for increased repulsion, meaning more power, accuracy and feel. The new and improved outer finish makes for easier string, better durability,yet allowing strings to return to its base position after hitting. Furthermore the FZ 65 X-Power has a superb hitting sound. Together with the Forza string power system (SPS) the FZ 65 X-Power offers the ultimate combination of string and racket for more power, accuracy and playing experience.


Power 6/6

Playability 6/6

Durability 4/6

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