FZ FORZA Pro Trainer Badminton Shoes - Yellow

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The FZ Forza Pro Trainer is super light and very durable. With a build in TPU mid piece this shoes offers superior stability. The heel is firm and hugs the foot with extremely comfortability. The size of the shoes is reinforced for extra stability. While this shoes is extremely light it is still very durable thanks to the use of our high quality micro fiber PU upper. It come with extra pair of bright yellow color shoelaces.

FZ Heel Control
Our custom fitted heels are specially designed for each shoe model. This ensures that the heel doesn't bother you while playing. By inserting a special moulded PVC piece we make sure that the heel is stable for the lifetime of the shoes without ever going soft.

By using this evolutionary system at the back end of the shoe players get a more stable shoe with less chances of injury.

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