Portable Badminton net

$35.00 $89.00

This portable badminton court (Net & Stand) is extremely easy to put together and take down. It’s great for badminton, volleyball or even tennis. The portable badminton court works like tent poles with stretch-string. It takes about 3 minutes to put it together, and the same time to take it apart. It stands well on any surface indoors and outdoors. It is is very well constructed and sturdy enough to use even under slightly windy outdoor condition. The net is tight and does not sag. It comes with a carrying bag to cleanly store everything when taken down. 


  • Available in 10-feet wide and 16-feet wide two different sizes
  • Perfect for 10 and under players learning the game of badminton or tennis
  • Easy setup and take down
  • Adjustable; lower to the height of a tennis net in seconds

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