As the latest badminton racquet out of Japan, the Nanoray Z-speed is built for unprecedented speed to ensure your smashes reach ultimate velocity. In a Yonex high-speed showdown, men’s doubles power player Tan Boon Heong achieved a record-breaking 493 km/h forehand smash with the Nanoray Z-speed, shattering speed records and leaving the competition far behind. The compact frame is packed with Yonex technology like X-Fullereneᵀ and Sonic Metalᵀ to optimize your performance. This racquet is strong, light, and engineered down to its smallest particle to supercharge your hits with impressive speed.


  • Record breaking speed with a smash achieved of 493km/hour
  • Compact frame
  • Horizontal-A concept
  • Ideal for advanced to professional players



  • Description: The world's fastest racquet.
  • Flex: Stiff
  • Frame:  H.M. Graphite, SONIC METAL, EX-HMG
  • Shaft:  H.M. Graphite, NANOMETRIC, X-FULLERENE
  • Grip Size: G4 standard size
  • Colour: Orange
  • Made in Japan

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